Now you can choose the proper type of tinplate here.


Common tinplate materials include smooth tinplate, frosted tinplate, high-brightness tinplate, and galvanized tinplate.

1. Smooth tinplate

Smooth tinplate is currently the most widely used in China, from the surface of no printed smooth tin plate, you can see obvious metal drawing texture, and the MOQ is relatively low.

2.  Frosted tinplate

The surface looks like a matte effect and more high-grade, often used for tea tin and candy tin box, and the MOQ is usually high.

3. high-brightness tinplate

This tinplate surface brightness is very high, can even be used as a mirror, its surface tinning amount is very high, so the material cost is relatively more expensive. It's usually used in special packaging.

4. galvanized tinplate

Galvanized tinplate has a layer of zinc on its surface, and it has very good rust-proof ability. Therefore, when some tin containers have strict requirements for rust-proof application, galvanized iron will be used. Like the ice bucket which is in long-term contact with water and easy to oxidize and rust.

To sum up, the most common tin boxes are Smooth tinplate and frosted tinplate; the other two are used less.

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