Who else wants suitable tin box height?


My friend Frank called me again last week, “Hey, David, I am sourcing some tea tin box, I like your 75*75*90mm square tin, but it seems small to me, It would be perfect if you have bigger one”

“No problem”, I said, “we can change the height as your requirement”, the following are what we support, we changed the previous 90mm height to 140mm and 180mm, so now Frank has three solutions: 75*75*90mm, 75*75*140mm and 75*75*180mm.

Ok, here’s all you need to know about changing the height of our existed tooling, which Frank asked a lot last week.

1. Can I change all your tin height? – No, only three pieces tin box can be modified, not include “one-time forming bottom”, you can read our last blog – “Here’s how you choose the tin box lid and bottom”

2. How much should I pay? – Between USD 400 to 1400, it depends on the tin size and structure, which will be deducted in your future orders.

3. How long it will take to modify the height of the existed tin? – 10 to 15 days.

4. Do we need to pay for all tin box height changing? – Normally yes, but some round tin with “Covered bottom”(also you can read our last blog – “Here’s how you choose the tin box lid and bottom”), we can do it for free in 100mm changing like below:

Here we are, call me, let’s change!

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