The differences in choosing 2 pieces and 3 pieces tin container.


You may still remember Frank, yes, it’s him again.

As you know, he works for a food company, last time we made a small round tin container sample for his company as below.

But it seems his boss was not satisfied…

“Hey, David, my boss is upset about the sample, we want to use this tin to pack our matcha, we want the better sealing effect on the tin box, but you can see there is a joint seam right here”

Yes, he’s right, it’s right here.

“Can you help us let this joint seam disappear?”

Sure we can, that’s our job, one week later, we made another sample with the same diameter and height like this:

Of course, Frank’s boss praised him again; can you see the difference between them? You are right, one is 2 pieces structure and the other one is 3 pieces.

The body and bottom of 2 pieces tin box are formed in one time, so there is no joint seam at all, with better seal effect and appearance, but it also has flaws, the height of the tooling cannot be added, also the artwork on the tin container body is deformed easily in one time forming.

P.S. Most candle tins are 2 pieces so the wax won’t leak out when the temperature rises.

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