How to see the real embossing effect before creating an embossing tooling?


One day early this year, one of my customers Frank, who works in a food company called me, “ I want to make a small tin box with lid embossed, I need your help.”

I said, “Hey, Frank, it’s not the first time you do the embossing lid, just show me the file, we can create tooling for you.”

“Hey, David, this time is different; we want to emboss many parts on the lid, so is it possible we can see the real embossing effect instead of creating a new embossing tooling first?

“Sure, we can make a resin mock-up based on your artwork first.”

“What is the resin mock-up?”  Frank asked the same question as you, so let’s see the answer below:

The picture as below is the mock-up we made for Frank, which does have many parts embossed on the lid.

After Frank’s confirmation, we made the real tin box as below, very beautiful, right?

This is a good idea if you're not sure if the embossing part is what you want before wasting money on new embossing tooling, so talk to me if you have the same requirement.

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