How to create perfect tooling?


Sometimes, it’s not easy to find a suitable tin container, last month, Frank wants to put 50 capsules into our existed tin box which size is 75*30mm (diameter*height), but you can see as below, the tin box was too small to hold them.

We have to create new tooling for Frank, in order to avoid wasting money, we made a mock-up in advance. But Frank was not satisfied, “David, it’s not good, we want the tin box could be put into our pocket, this mock-up is too high to put in your jean’s pocket”, yes, he was right, the height of the mock-up was 45mm.

So if we want to keep the same height but can hold more capsules, what shall we do, yes, we have to change the diameter, but it’s uneasy to confirm the precise diameter, we solve the problem by making a tooling as below, it’s perfect when the inner diameter be 83mm.

Finally, we created a brand new tooling for Frank, the size was 85*30mm, of course, Frank was very happy with this solution, now his customers can put the tin into their jean’s pocket very easily.

You can see 75*30mm and 85*30mm together like this, the key point is to “find” the 85mm diameter, do you need any support on choosing the perfect tooling? Call us, let’s get started.

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